Joachim Löw regrets childlessness

Joachim Löw regrets childlessness

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National coach Joachim Löw (61) sometimes regrets not having children. “Of course, yes,” Löw answered a question to that effect in an interview with “Die Zeit”. When he was 25, 30 or 35, he “didn’t see it that way. Maybe I couldn’t imagine it then, repressed the topic or pushed it away. But for the last ten years I’ve been thinking about it or about what it would have been like to have children,” said the coach of the German national football team.

He has “at least a few godchildren” whom he also sees often. One or the other godchild “even grew up a little bit with us”, Löw said and emphasized: “Of course, there are moments when I miss having my own children very much.”

In the interview, Löw was also asked why football had such a hard time dealing with the issue of homosexuality and why no professional player in Germany had come out publicly about being gay since former national player Thomas Hitzlsperger came out.

“Thomas took this step when his career was actually over,” Löw said. Hitzlsperger had kept him “up to date to a certain extent”. In society, openness is basically present, which is important, Löw stressed. “Although there has been an insane amount of progress, but maybe it is still missing a little bit in the stadium,” Löw said. He could not explain this “so exactly”, but he regretted it. “Our society, and therefore football, stands for openness, diversity and participation after all.”

Asked how he would act if it affected him, Löw said: “Then I would stand by that.”

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