Newborns should not drink water

Newborns should not drink water

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In the first few months, babies need nothing more than the mother’s breast or infant milk from the bottle. But is that still enough when it is very warm? One expert has the answer.

Even when it’s very hot: Newborns should not drink water in addition to breast milk or pre-feeding. This can lead to disturbances in the electrolyte balance, explains midwife Franziska Schwichtenberg.

Her appeal: “Please continue to breastfeed or give pre-nutrition – just the same as the little one is fed anyway,” says the expert in the magazine “Baby and Family” (issue 06/2021). With an almost one-year-old baby, of course, it looks different: “That may quench the thirst even with still water.”

The midwife points out that babies have a high fluid requirement. They don’t sweat the way adults do, so they can’t cool themselves down as well. Parents should make sure that the lips and mucous membranes are not dry. You can tell if the baby is drinking enough by “six wet and heavy diapers a day,” Schwichtenberg says.

She advises to offer the breast or bottle every now and then in the heat. The baby shows when it is thirsty. For example, by licking its tongue, sucking its fist or generally appearing unhappy.

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