With child to doctor’s appointment during working hours?

With child to doctor's appointment during working hours

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Most of the time it’s complicated enough to coordinate your own doctor’s appointments well with your work hours. But what if the child needs a doctor? Can this be done during the parents’ working hours?

Check-up with the orthodontist, vaccination booster or preventive check-up: Parents have to coordinate their children’s medical appointments in addition to their own. Are they allowed to take them during working hours?

In principle, employees are responsible for their own private affairs. Therefore, even for your own doctor’s appointments, unless you are acutely ill: In case of doubt, you will have to take leave for this if it cannot be organised outside working hours.

“In the case of children, one will have to distinguish between different types of cases,” says labor law expert Johannes Schipp. If a child is acutely ill, is not yet able to look after himself or herself and a visit to the doctor is absolutely necessary, employees can also see a doctor during working hours and continue to receive money. Provided there is no one else to accompany the child to the doctor’s appointment. The law assumes that children under the age of 12 are regularly unable to care for themselves.

If the child is not acutely ill, but needs to see a doctor, it is again necessary to ask the questions: Can it only go with an escort? Is there another person who can accompany the child? And is the doctor’s appointment only possible during working hours?

Even if employees answer “yes” to all three questions, Schipp says they will need a doctor’s note to present to their employer confirming that the appointment could not be rescheduled.

Johannes Schipp sees the legal situation for routine examinations for children as the same as for his own routine appointments. “For anything that can be planned well in advance and is not an urgent appointment, parents will have to take regular leave.”

Personal details: Johannes Schipp is a specialist lawyer for employment law in Gütersloh and Chairman of the Executive Committee for Employment Law in the German Lawyers’ Association.

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